International Adjustment & SNS

@ University of Maryland, College Park | iSchool (College of Information Studies)

Primary Researcher / Online Survey + Semi-structured Interview


New international students’ social information practices during transition to their host country

This paper focuses on how ICTs, specifically mobile social networking and messaging services transform international newcomer students’ information practices during their transition to a new country. This work contributes to migrant information behavior literature by characterizing international newcomer students’ use of social technologies before and during their adjustment to host environments and identifying the role of social technologies in shaping international newcomer students’ social capital development and information acquisition. This paper argues that international newcomer students’ local social contexts with many or fewer co-national students interact with their socio-technical contexts to affect their significantly varied use of social technologies and their information acquisition during their adjustment to new environments.

Social Media and Motherhood 

@ University of Maryland, College Park | iSchool (College of Information Studies)

Co-researcher in a Team of Three / Semi-structured Interview


Motherhood and Social Networking Sites: How do sociocultural contexts and technological factors affect Korean mothers’ KakaoStory use? 

In this project, I worked with Jinyoung Kim and Myeong Lee to examine Korean mothers’ use of mobile social networking service “KakaoStory.” Specifically, this project investigated the role of sociocultural contexts and technological characteristics that interact to shape Korean mothers’ use of this mobile-based social networking service. This study showed that the sociocultural context of Korean mothers as primary child caregivers interacted with the photo-driven user interface of KakaoStory to influence their specific use of KakaoStory for acquiring information and fulfilling their mothering duties.