Wandering as Information Seeking

@ University of Maryland, College Park | iSchool (College of Information Studies)

Primary Researcher / Semi-structured Interview + Cognitive Map

wandering2Wandering as information behavior in new environments

This study examines how international newcomers use “wandering” and geospatial technologies to learn about and interact with their unfamiliar local environments. This is part of my dissertation research and the interviews with a mixed sample of international and domestic newcomer graduate students (57 students in Time 1 and 50 of 57 students in Time 2) were conducted twice over two year period. Geospatial technologies, such as mobile map applications and location-based service applications, facilitated newcomer students’ wandering behavior. By analyzing the findings through the lenses of Wilson’s information seeking behavior models and Erdelez’s information encountering, I characterize newcomer students’ wandering as information seeking behavior and propose new types of information seeking behavior which were identified through this research–active attention and ongoing attention.