Smart Home Energy Monitoring

@ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | School of Information and Library Science (iSchool)

Co-researcher in a Team of Five / Task Analysis + Design Workshop + Prototyping


Smartergy: Designing Smart Home Energy Monitoring System Interfaces

This project was to design the user interface for a standalone smart home device that monitors and visualizes household energy consumption. The project title “Smartergy” suggests our aim to help people make smarter choices while alluding to the smart grid technology that supports our intuitive energy consumption monitoring device.

smartergy_prototype_screen_outline_Based on our environmental scan, literature review, sketches, and design workshops, we developed our prototypes of a smart home energy monitoring device that could provide both ambient color display and specific information about home energy consumption. This interface was designed to help increase energy awareness in the home and augment users’ energy saving behavior with incentives such as social gaming (comparing energy consumption and savings–through tree visualizations–across households and communities).

Daum Place Mobile App Redesign

@ Daum (now Kakao), a technology company in Korea | UX Lab

Primary Researcher / Paper Prototyping + Formative Usability Testing + Semi-structured Interview


Redesigning Location-based Check-in App (Daum Place) and Its Interaction Flow

As the primary researcher on redesigning a location-based check-in app Daum Place, I conducted paper prototyping, formative usability testing, and semi-structured interviews to understand the use contexts and specific needs of users of Daum Place and other check-in apps (e.g., Foursquare, Facebook Check-in).

By triangulating the results from studies of different methods , this project identified the Daum Place redesign prototype’s UX problems and provided actionable insights to update the features, interaction flows, and content of this location-based check-in app.