Daum Place Mobile App Redesign

@ Daum (now Kakao), a technology company in Korea | UX Lab

Primary Researcher / Paper Prototyping + Formative Usability Testing + Semi-structured Interview


Redesigning Location-based Check-in App (Daum Place) and Its Interaction Flow

As the primary researcher on redesigning a location-based check-in app Daum Place, I conducted paper prototyping, formative usability testing, and semi-structured interviews to understand the use contexts and specific needs of users of Daum Place and other check-in apps (e.g., Foursquare, Facebook Check-in).

By triangulating the results from studies of different methods , this project identified the Daum Place redesign prototype’s UX problems and provided actionable insights to update the features, interaction flows, and content of this location-based check-in app.