Profile image of Chi Young Oh

Chi Young Oh | Assistant Professor
Department of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences, and Technology
College of Arts and Sciences
Chicago State University
Chicago, IL 60628

Chi Young is an Assistant Professor of Information Studies at the Chicago State University. He is an interdisciplinary information science researcher, educator in Information Studies, and advocate of human-centered design. His research focuses at the intersection of human information behavior, human-computer interaction, and consumer health informatics, and his teaching encompasses a range of areas in Information Studies, including user-centered design, information organization, and human information behavior. His research uses qualitative and mixed-method approaches to gain a deeper understanding of people’s interaction with information and technology in everyday life, particularly for their adjustment to a new community and health management.


Chi Young earned his PhD in Information Studies from University of Maryland, College Park’s iSchool (2018). His dissertation examined the interplay between international newcomer students’ social contexts and their information and technology practices during their adjustment to unfamiliar environments. He developed his information science research in health and mental health sectors as he worked as a visiting postdoctoral researcher at the People, Information, and Technology Changing Health (PITCH) Lab at Northwestern University. Prior to his doctoral work, he earned an MS in Information Science (Human-Computer Interaction) from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science and a BA in Psychology, a BA in Library and Information Science, and a BBA in Business Administration (triple major) from Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. Chi Young also has experience in the IT industry at major technology companies in South Korea: LG Electronics and Daum (now Kakao). As a User Experience Researcher and a Product Manager/Planner, he worked in a range of technology product design projects and helped shape the user experience of various online and mobile products and technology devices.